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AHC Group: A collaborative approach to sustainable agricultural development & food security efforts

About two years ago, the AHC Group launched a special ongoing exchange on the sustainability and competitive challenges inherent in the Food/Water/Energy nexus.

The first meetings occurred in London with ASDA, and our Alliance partners Irbaris, where we facilitated the creation of a charter and four ongoing shared innovation routes including the major input, automation, banks and insurance entities. While there are many existing initiatives involving public organizations, there is still a great and unique role for companies to collaborate to identify and deliver actions. At this year’s AHC Leadership conference, we will be discussing, in concert with Irbaris, the collaborative approach to finding a solution for sub-saharan Africa food security. The project is focusing on subsaharan Africa given the importance of small holder farmer livelihoods, the scale of the challenge related to nutrition and access to food, and the production potential from existing natural resources, amongst other factors.

See the attached flyer for this year’s discussion – It’s not to late to be a part of this important discussion! Sign up at