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Bruce Piasecki

With his upcoming book, New World Companies (to be released by Square One Publishers in January 2016), Bruce is the author of eleven books.

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New World CompaniesThe Latest Book by Bruce Piasecki

NEW WORLD COMPANIES: The Future of Capitalism
Set to be released by Square One Publishers in January 2016, New World Companies has already garnered much advance praise from readers. Following on the heels of his two earlier bestselling books, Doing More With Less and Doing More With Teams, this new work is an exemplary and invaluable handbook for learning from the best companies in our growing global economy.

Squarely facing the reality that is reshaping the future of capitalism, Piasecki shows how these “new world companies” shape our personal behavior, both as investors and as consumers, and as social advocates and as agents of change within our own family and circles of influence. In this new book, the author explains which twenty-first-century companies will thrive, which will fall short, and why. Learn more »

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