Doing More With Less and Doing More With Teams

Bruce Piasecki’s Surprising Solutions

Connecting the dots on innovation, climate change, business & the near future


Here’s What They’re Saying About New World Companies

A must read
“Bruce Piasecki has done it again by writing a provocative and insightful analysis on capitalism and society — with an eye for how they co-evolve. Piasecki will make you rethink the role and place of private sector companies in society. It is a must read for any company that wishes to be more than just a fleeting blip in history.”
— Ed Piñero, Senior Vice President Sustainability and Public Affairs, Veolia North America

A compelling vision
“In this book, Bruce Piasecki not only presents a compelling vision for a more socially responsive form of capitalism, he also spells out a practical agenda for the business and social leaders who can make it happen.”
— Matt Mayberry, Ph.D., Founder, Whole Works Consulting

Profound and insightful
“A profound and insightful look at corporations that will endure and thrive in a world of increasing challenge, risk and opportunity.”
— Elizabeth (Libby) Cheney, Partner, TRIO Global Consulting

A practical approach
“This book takes the complex subject of ESG and makes it simple for the business manager to understand. Its common sense and practical approach provides a framework that is relevant for any business anywhere in the world. Praise for New World Companies, which establishes the link between long-term sustainability of a business and its profitability, and demonstrates why this agenda is a must for every Finance Director.”
— Richard Ellis, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walgreens Boots Alliance

A masterful narrative
“New World Companies offers all readers compelling evidence that corporations and society now share an interconnected viewpoint and direction. Piasecki’s message demonstrates “inclusion” in the broadest sense. A masterful narrative that cautions our pace of change, as it illustrates a way to social economic harmony. There is fearless courage in this writer that we need and will enjoy.”
— David William Gibbons, Co-founder, Universal One Broadcasting

Selected Commentary on The Surprising Solution

“Bruce Piasecki has spent his career bringing thought leaders together to discuss the challenging issues of the times. This book uniquely captures the learnings from these hundreds and thousands of encounters that Bruce has experienced.”
— Sam Smolik, Downstream Global Vice President Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Sustainable Development, Shell

“Bruce Piasecki in his recent book The Surprising Solution raised our awareness on the power and responsibility of the global multinational corporation. Events that have transpired in 2007 to 2009 have brought clearly into focus the global nature and interconnectivity of the regional economies on a global scale. The rise of government intervention into the capital process has caused Bruce’s theory to be more relevant than ever as we look to the future. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book as it contemplates the future in a time of great uncertainty. This book is thoughtful, provocative and will challenge your thinking of what the multinational corporation may become in the next 20 years.”
— Dale Sands, Senior Vice President and Director, Global Practices, AECOM Environment

“This book should be read by all consumers and social and business leaders concerned about this new century. Bruce Piasecki writes in an engaging and readable style about items of consequence to your life and firm.”
— Frank Boren, Former CEO of the Nature Conservancy, former ARCO Board Member, and Founder of Sustainable Conservation

“Business from a new perspective — one which offers inspired possibilities for a better world…”
— Bruce Sampson, VP Sustainability, BC Hydro

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