Doing More With Less and Doing More With Teams

Bruce Piasecki’s Surprising Solutions

Connecting the dots on innovation, climate change, business & the near future


Thumbnail: New World Companies

As a writer and business strategy expert, Bruce Piasecki has covered topics that run the gamut from waste management to environmentalism to sustainability to the future of capitalism — and beyond. Below is a complete publishing history of the author from 1984 to the present, including his bestselling work on “competitive frugality” titled Doing More with Less (now in paperback from Square One Publishers, to be released in March 2016), along with its companion book, Doing More With Teams (Square One Publishers, March 2016).

His latest book, New World Companies: The Future of Capitalism,
is was released by Square One Publishers in December 2015.

Thumbnail: Doing More with Less
Doing More With Less

Thumbnail: Doing More with Teams
Doing More With Teams

Thumbnail: Missing Persons
Missing Persons: A Life of
Unexpected Influences
Thumbnail: The Surprising Solution
The Surprising Solution
Thumbnail: World Inc.
World Inc.
Thumbnail: Environmental Management and Business Strategy
Environmental Management
and Business Strategy
Thumbnail: Corporate Environmental Strategy
Environmental Strategy
Thumbnail: In Search of Environmental Excellence
In Search of
Environmental Excellence
Thumbnail: America's Future in Toxic Waste Management
America’s Future in
Toxic Waste Management
Thumbnail: Beyond Dumping
Beyond Dumping
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