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Doing More With Teams: The New Way to Winning

Book: Doing More with Teams

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By Bruce Piasecki
Square One Publishers • 192 pages
Release Date: March 2016
ISBN: 978-0757004278

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From instincts as ancient as our hunter-gatherer stages, human beings have worked in teams. But what have we really learned about what drives us to cooperate and collaborate with each other? Does all of the selfishness and scandal in business and government today suggest we have spilt the special sauce of teamwork?

Doing More With Teams explores what can be done to encourage a new form of competition so that organizations complete the challenges before them to drive growth and get results. It offers a new premise for the idea of teamwork and challenges the perception that individualism is the only way to wealth. Through real-life and historical examples of teams that have inspired awe, this book lays out a solid set of principles that work for all kinds of teams, including:

Doing More With Teams enlightens the world to a new, more ethical, more collaborative way forward and shows us how best to tap into the magic of teamwork.


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