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In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame

Book: In Search of Environmental Excellence


By Bruce Piasecki
Simon & Schuster • 203 pages
Release Date: January 1990

ISBN: 978-0671690892

For the past 30 years, citizens alarmed by an increasingly fouled environment have searched for a means to assess — and correct — the health of the land we inhabit. Now, with this eye-opening volume, we can at last identify what we’ve been doing right, and what we’ve been doing wrong. Using information largely unavailable to the public, experienced policy analysts Piasecki and Asmus offer a timely and concise resource proposing practical solutions to today’s most pressing environmental concerns. Drawing on the latest reports and surveys and on the opinions of officials, policymakers, activists, industry leaders, and ordinary citizens, they address the issue that dominate the headlines and our lives:

Clearly thought-out and passionately presented, here is a now accepted blueprint for survival, a masterly exploration of how industries, environmental concerns, and voters can work hand in hand to make our land fruitful and healthy once more. In Search of Environmental Excellence won the Book of the Year Award by the Nature Society of England and has been excerpted widely in the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, and other syndicates.

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