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Environmental Management and Business Strategy

Book: Environmental Management and Business Strategy


By Bruce Piasecki (with Kevin A. Fletcher and Frank J. Mendelson)
Wiley • 368 pages
Release Date: October 1998
ISBN: 978-0471169727

What makes business initiatives regarding the environment succeed or fail?

That is the overarching premise of this groundbreaking book. And with it you will gain the necessary skills to develop an effective corporate environmental strategy. It is organized around three classic global needs shared by both business strategists and environmental leaders: achieving compliance, recognizing business opportunity, and answering public expectations.

The cases in this text are designed to reach both experienced managers and newcomers, through a compelling conceptual narrative that connects basic business needs with mounting environmental and energy choices.

“Environmental compliance is no longer the target but the floor from which economic value can be created. Recognizing economic opportunities and getting the affected public to understand the greater benefits are why we hired the AHC Group and its Rensselaer team of researchers in the first place. This book brings these critical components in focus with practical examples, insightful discussions, and helpful resources to assist any company’s management in developing successful environmental business strategy. Its appeal to newcomers resides in its readability and effective prose.”
— Steven P. Rowe, Assistant General Counsel and lead environmental manager at Holnam, Inc.

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