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Bruce Piasecki’s Surprising Solutions

Connecting the dots on innovation, climate change, business & the near future

The Surprising Solution: Creating Possibility in a Swift and Severe World

Book: The Surprising Solution

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By Bruce Piasecki
Sourcebooks • 352 pages
Release Date: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1402214509

“Going green” is no longer something businesses just do for good PR. It’s the most important and revolutionary factor driving the incredible success of businesses on the right side of the wave, and hurting those who are falling behind.

Leading environmental and business expert Bruce Piasecki provides a groundbreaking new work showing that advocating for sustainability and solving global problems will be the new benchmark by which corporations are to be judged — and can drive profits.

The Surprising Solution describes the revolution in business in which the corporations that can best address environmental and social issues by creating superior products will thrive and profit in this new world.

Read The Surprising Solution and discover how to take hold of this vital new force in business and improve both the world and your bottom line at the same time.

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