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America’s Future in Toxic Waste Management: Lessons from Europe

Book: America's Future in Toxic Waste Management


By Bruce Piasecki and Gary A. Davis
Praeger • 203 pages
Release Date: December 1987
ISBN: 978-0899301136

The collection of ten essays contained in this book offers a cross-cultural study of hazardous waste management issues in the hope of better reforming environmental management in the United States.

A major contribution to the environmental policy debate, this is the first book to examine the legal, technical, and planning initiatives employed in Europe to avoid land disposal of toxic waste.

Although largely ignored in the U.S. before this book was published, safer alternatives to land disposal exist in Europe. By studying and implementing the best of these methods, the authors argue, the United States can begin to resolve its own toxic waste problem, which has reached crisis proportions.

With a Foreword by Lynton K. Caldwell (1913–2006), an American political scientist and a principal architect of the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act — the first act of its kind in the world.

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